The holiday season is always something people look forward to, but we’re often swept up in planning, cooking, shopping and more, not leaving enough time for ourselves. One way to stay on top of your game and avoid the dreaded last minute, “What am I going to wear?” dilemma is by having your outfits prepared (and jewelry selected) well ahead of time.

You want to look your best at every event, so take a few moments to plan ahead.  And if you don’t have picture-perfect baubles like these in your jewelry box, well, there’s still time to drop a hint or two or three.

What’s a holiday party without color? Build your holiday color palette with colored diamonds. The beauty of colored diamonds is arguably unrivaled, as is their rarity. If you already own a piece of colored diamond jewelry, wear it for the utmost of special occasions– it’s meant to dazzle. And if you’re shopping for a colored diamond , consider asking for a Colored Diamond Grading Report to know exactly what you are buying.