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Custom Jewelry

Making dreams come true – one ring at a time

There’s nothing we love more than creating engagement rings.
There’s a custom ring for every budget, and we’re here to help you find it.

Choose a one-on-one experience for the most important purchase of your life.
We work hard to thrill our clients, and we believe in a comfortable, low pressure shopping environment.

1. The Initial Consultation

Ready to get started? Meet with Michael or Melissa over the phone or in person to begin the custom process.  We’ll discuss design ideas, diamond to gemstone preferences, budget, and your timeline.

2. Selection and Design

Based on our initial conversation, we’ll view a curated selection of diamonds or gemstones. We’ll discuss how to balance the size and quality of the materials with your budget. You’ll even examine each stone under a jewelers’ loupe. Working from samples and computer renderings and drawings, we’ll finalize the concept for your piece.

3. Wax Review

An optional wax review allows you to see what the new piece will look like in its actual form. Our 3D printer sends us a wax model before casting in metal to ensure everything is perfect. Keep in mind that this step will add some time to the process, but it can be very helpful for someone who is visual.

4. Fabrication

The creation of your new piece takes place in our studio in Boston. From start to finish our master craftsmen take perfect care in following our exact specifications for the piece. Our review during each step of creation ensures absolute perfection. If we find that changes are needed or recommended we will work with you to achieve the best results.

5. Appraisal

As a trained GIA Gemologist, Michael will complete an appraisal for you insurance purposes and will discuss some different options for insuring the piece.

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