So you’re looking to make a statement with your engagement ring but you’re not sure how.

Using colorful gemstones as an alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring is a perfect way. There are an array of different types of gemstones that can be used for engagement rings however some are better than others given their different properties.

As gemologist, we created gemstones for their hardness on a scale from 1 to 10. The factors that rate the gemstone is their ability to scratch or shatter under pressure. If a gemstone receives a grade of one it means that the stone is extremely fragile, if it’s graded as a 10 it’s extremely durable.

An example of this would be opals versus sapphires.  Opals have a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 while sapphires have a hardness of 9. This numerical difference can be a big factor especially for a piece of jewelry that is to be worn every day.

Recently we have had many inquiries about using emeralds as a center stone for an engagement ring. It is not generally our recommendation to use such a stone. It’s generally a soft stone and is very susceptible to scratching and breakage. Nevertheless, if you were truly in love with an emerald just know that you must be much more careful in wearing this ring as you would have to with a harder stone.

The best option that we’ve mentioned above for an alternative engagement stone is sapphire. Sapphire’s common array of different colors most commonly blue. Some of them are rare colors such as pink, orange, green, purple and red are difficult to find but provide a rare and beautiful option if you’re looking for a different color. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see many of the beautiful sapphire engagement rings that we’ve made this past year.

The most popular gemstone right now to be used in engagement rings is Morganite. It’s soft and delicate pinkish color make it the right choice for many people looking for something special. Morganite is also available in a varying array of colors. Even rarer is an intense pink color while the more common is a blush/salmon-like color. Morganite always looks absolutely stunning set in Rose or pink gold with white gold or platinum accents. A word of caution, morganite has a similar hardness to an emerald so please be aware that you should be more careful with this stone. You can find varying you examples of morganite engagement rings on our Instagram, Facebook and here on our website.

To start making the colored stone engagement ring of your dreams visit our showroom in Worcester, Massachusetts or call us to make an appointment for an engagement ring consultation.