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Why is it that emeralds have continued to enchant us with the deep hue of green that looks so fantastic in just about anything?

The rich jewel tone has long been a favorite color to many but recently so many have chosen this stone as a favorite not for just special occasions but instead for everyday wear. This is where our professional “advice” comes in. We love emeralds just as much as anyone could but we would suggest that if you want to flaunt these jewels on an everyday basis, consider them in earrings or necklaces instead of bracelets or rings. We have seen many exquisite emerald rings and bracelets over the years with one very common issue. Emeralds being the softest of the precious gems they will scratch, braid or chip easier than any other stone in this category.

Since your ears and neck don’t touch surfaces when being worn, they will always be safer. Rings set with emeralds are certainly not be skipped over all together. If you prefer emeralds in a ring, consider a bezel or channel setting which will protect the stones much better than a traditional prong setting.

Emeralds are mined all over the world, but most commonly some of the finest emeralds come from Colombia in South America. The May birthstone has bejeweled some of the finest creations in the world belonging to some of the most famed actors, royals and dignitaries.

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